Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Software for Bookies for $10/Head

What is Price per Head ?

What is Price per Head ?

Price per head is a service that local bookies are beginning to make more use of. It allows the local bookies to take their services online while maintaining a professional and personal touch to their business.

As the name implies, bookies pay a price per head per active customer – and for this fee, they are provided with a comprehensive service. Not only bookies are attracted by the 247 price per head services, but bettors who are not keen to place bets with an offshore online sportsbook, are also finding these services attractive.


Price per head services help to design, develop and maintain the website that has been customized for the bookie’s business. The bookie will have plenty of input into the website to ensure that it will suit his customer base and his business.

As the price per head service runs online this is a vital aspect of the service that is provided. These websites are accessible to bettors 24/7 which is an attractive contrast to the limited services that were available in the days of telephonic or face-to-face meetings.

Backend Management

Backend management is a time-consuming aspect of any business and price per head will organize this for the bookie. The per head sports book software service like Realbookies takes the worry away about payouts and odds while still giving you the bookie the flexibility to set and change limits, keep track of wagers and player activity, close accounts and more. By worrying about the behind-the-scenes details of the running of the business, the bookie will have more time to focus on aspects of the business such as growth, development and customer retention.


An important service provided by the, price per head service is the generation and organization of reports. A wide range of reports are accessible and bookies are able to request specific reports and organize them in such a way as to maximize their use. The reports both focus on specific aspects of the business and offer an overall picture of the running and success of the business. This helps the bookies maximize their knowledge of the strong and weak aspects of the business to help them reinforce or strengthen areas as needed.