Pay Less Price Per Head Racebook

Going back to mid-2020 when sports betting was put on pause for a while, interest in betting on live horse races enjoyed a major spike in activity. That interest is still creating an impressive betting handle among operators offering betting access to live daily race cards.

PayLess Price Per Head includes an online racebook software solutions as part of its base pay per head bookie services plan. As a private bookie agent, it has never been easier to create a viable stream of revenue running your own online racebook for horse betting.

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Pay Less Offer More Track Coverage

The Pay Less software application for betting live horse races has been expanded to include every race track in North America. Your customers will also have easy access to international tracks in racing hot sports such as the UK, France, Japan, Australia and Dubai.

All told, this access extends out to cover hundreds of tracks. At any given time during the year, there is a wide selection of tracks running a live daily card.

Running your own Pay Less racebook will also let you take action on the biggest racing events of the year such as the Kentucky Derby in early May and the annual Breeders’ Cup in early November. Just about every weekend of the year, major graded events are on the board to help attract avid horse betting customers to your online racebook services.

Your racebook can be expanded as needed. Thoroughbred horse racing remains the primary draw. Yet, harness racing and Quarter Horse racing are two popular alternatives. As mentioned, the Pay Less online racebook software offers access to any race track running a daily card.

Best of all, you can set all the parameters of your online racebook in conjunction with your business model. This includes available wagering options that mirror the live odds at the actual track.

You can also set betting limits by individual player or across the board to cover your entire active betting base. Control is the name of the game as a bookie agent. PayLess gives you all the necessary tools to manage your racebook as you see fit. This includes control over which live tracks you are carrying on any particular day.

As a private bookie, the best way to reach the financial goals you set for your business is through viable streams of revenue. The sports betting calendar is full of peaks and valleys. Football season into basketball is always going to be busy. Yet, the summer months make it hard to maintain a healthy betting handle and profitable hold.

This makes horse betting all the more attractive as a companion revenue stream. The busiest times of the year for horse betting tend to complement the slower times for sports betting. Once you have created a steady base for your online racebook, you can continue to grow that betting volume through additional betting options.

Pay Less Racebook Betting Options

Win, place and show bets are the most popular betting options for wagering on a single horse in a race.

Exactas, trifectas and superfectas let bettors group together horses in hopes of generating a higher return.

Horse bettors can also test their handicapping skills by betting on the winners of consecutive races in a Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 betting format.

You can even offer betting odds for head-to-head matchups in the bigger stakes races on the board. This is an excellent way to increase weekly betting volume and profit without having to expand your current active betting base.