Pay Less Price Per Head Prop Builder Option

Once a novelty wager for special betting events, proposition options or prop bets have become a mainstream betting market in recent years. From long-term options to daily games, props offer an excellent opportunity to expand a betting handle and hold for anyone running and managing a private bookie business.

Props Available on ALL Major Sports

100’s of Prop Betting Combinations

Easy to Use Interface and Confirmation

Pay Less Price Per Head has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to advanced technology and sophisticated software solutions for the sports betting industry. Based in Costa Rica, the ownership group behind this PPH service has more than 20 years’ experience in the field.

One of this site’s latest innovations for private bookies is a Prop Builder option. Offered as an ‘a la carte’ add-on for your base pay per head weekly plan, your active betting customers would have the ability to create their own betting props for individual games.

How Does the Pay Less Prop Builder Work

As the bookie agent, you pick the sports and available options and Pay Less provides the betting odds and the means to book the bet. This can add up to thousands of different options.

These options can be bet straight or pooled together in a prop bet parlay.
The Pay Less Prop Builder is an excellent way to keep your entire betting base engaged on a regular basis. This is also an excellent way to compete against the big commercial sportsbooks in the sports betting industry.

The tool is easy to use and laid out in a very convenient fashion. Your customers choose from all the available parameters when creating a prop bet option. They get to pick the player and the performance standard for an upcoming game. The Prop Builder tool then creates the betting odds.

For example, they could choose Patrick Mahomes as the player and total incomplete passes for the performance standard in his upcoming game. The Prop Builder tool will calculate the odds and present them in an OVER/UNDER format.

The possibilities with Prop Builder are almost limitless as the perfect way to generate even more income on each sport’s biggest games.

Main Benefits with the Pay Less Prop Builder

The biggest benefit of adding the Prop Builder option to your weekly Pay Less PPH plan is the ability to increase your weekly handle while also increasing the hold on that added action.

Props are an excellent way to expand your sports betting customers’ overall weekly action. You have the ability to set betting limits on every prop bet to keep your players betting within their means. You can also adjust any credit you may offer through set limits on an account by account basis.

Another benefit is the expansion of your overall bookie services. The Pay Less Prop Builder is cutting edge betting technology that is only available through this bookie services provider.
Relatively new to the industry, very few PPH services even offer this tool.

You would be adding a unique betting option that completely sets you apart from the competition. The Pay Less Pro Builder can actually be used as a powerful marketing tool to attract the type of potential customers you are looking to work with.

A third benefit is the ability to create a very lucrative revenue stream at a low added cost. Prop betting volume is above and beyond the traditional revenue stream that straight bets bring in.
Certain players are likely to base their entire betting strategy on custom props. You could create an entirely separate customer base around the Pay Less Prop Builder as a viable betting entity of its own.