Paytables and prop bets are made easier with 247pph

Satisfaction with the ordinary fare diminishes greatly among a certain segment of your wagerers.  These individuals desire more of a challenge.  It could be in assessing the performance of a certain individual in the NFL for example.  Others prefer parlays, pleasers, and teasers to get their money into play.  Whatever the case might be, there exists a method to reap the rewards of these exotic wishes.  The easy method to do so is with


These people like to plug and chug various bets to see what the exact odds are.  They are usually your most time-dependent customers.  Armed with an armada of questions, it takes valuable time away from your schedule to verify their math and determine the correctness of the lines used.  Now you do so because the edge is so much greater than straight bets but what if I were to tell you a way to get that edge and still save your time.  The software at 247pph allows these tinkerers a valuable storefront to pick and choose from.  When they find what they like, impulse takes over and viola the wager is placed.  You get more of an edge and do not have to field all those inane otherworldly questions.


Performance-based stat props for a game are a tricky matter to do on one’s own as well.  Your customer comes in with a wager he has seen that says player x will do y at z for this price.  Not only can they catch you blindside with a potential injury affecting the outcome, but you tracking the price is difficult.  Typically the ones they want to wager are at some small outfit.  To track all of this over the phone as he yammers on is a mistake waiting to happen.  The instant updates from the GUI cover you in case of line movements.  This allows you to not be blindsided and know exactly what you are getting into.

For a small investment, the doors of parlays, pleasers, teasers, and other exotic wagering are thrown wide open.  it is no longer a hassle that takes large portions of your day.  You reap the extra equity from your most active portion of your client base.  They are happier because the action is quicker.  Everyone wins in their own special way with  Come and investigate what can be done with your unique needs today.