Mobile Software for Bookies

There are new opportunities arising for bookies all of the time nowadays.

Sports betting is growing by double-digit percentages annually in dozens of countries around the world. Part of that growth has to do with the legalization of online sports betting.

Another reason for the growth is the penetration of mobile devices around the world.

Nearly everyone in developed countries has had a smartphone for years already, but many other countries are gaining ground in smartphone penetration, which has helped online gambling.

As a bookie, you need to utilize mobile sports betting software to compete.

Mobile Gambling Statistics

We’re going to discuss some recent trends in the industry with some statistics. Some of these stats are general, while some of the stats deal specifically with the online gambling industry.

  • Mobile Internet Consumption: Since 2011, daily media consumption on mobile internet has increased an incredible 504% and that number continues to grow annually.
  • US Mobile Usage Survey: In a recent survey of US citizens, 76% of respondents said they open and respond to emails while watching the television.

This is an interesting statistic for online bookies. Opening up and responding to emails is similar to signing into a sportsbook account and placing a bet while watching sports on TV.

If this statistic doesn’t illustrate the importance of why bookies need to utilize mobile software then nothing will. Sports bettors aren’t going to sign in to their computer to place a bet every hour.

With mobile betting, you’ll also notice your turnover on live sports betting markets will increase.

  • Majority of Bets Are Mobile: We hear from online bookies all of the time and more than half of bets are completed on mobile devices. In fact, for many bookies, upwards of 75% of their turnover will be from mobile devices, so it’s vital to have mobile sports betting software.

Wireless Technology Continues to Improve

5G has recently been released and it’ll become more widespread in the near future. With wireless technology improving, the capabilities of mobile bookies will also improve.

Here are some of the features you should expect a mobile bookie software provider to offer:

  • Sportsbook: The online sportsbook should have a full betting board with an intuitive UI. There should also be live sports betting available, as that’s the big moneymaker.
  • Casino: Mobile casinos are going to only get better with improved wireless technology. The best mobile software providers already have mobile live dealer casino games.
  • Racebook: Your players will likely want to be able to bet on the popular Triple Crown races like the Kentucky Derby. The best PPH sites offer the ability to bet on 75+ horse tracks.

Put it this way, if you haven’t gone mobile, you’re missing out on a lot of money.

The best mobile software providers for bookies only cost about $10/head, which is the price you pay for each active player per week. If your PPH isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s time to switch.

You could be missing out on 75%+ of the money you could be making. Start a free trial with one of the mobile-friendly PPH providers and watch how much more money you make.