Pay Less Price Per Head Live In-Game Sports Betting

One of the hottest trends in sports betting is placing real money wagers after the games have gotten underway. This is often referred to as live in-game betting.

As a private bookie agent working with Pay Less Price Per Head, you will have the ability to add live in-game betting options for every game in every major betting sport. This carries over to all the special betting events throughout the calendar year.

In-Game Betting on ALL Major Sports

Bet During Timeouts and Scores

Bet After Change of Possessions

Best of all, this added sports betting feature is part of your base Pay Less Price Per Head plan for active bettors.

There is no added weekly cost per active bettor to take advantage of necessary live betting solutions. You can always maintain full control over the live in -game betting options offered.
Betting odds are constantly adjusted at natural breaks during the game. These adjustments are based on what has already taken place on the field, court or ice.

Build Betting Volume with Pay Less In-Game Options

Your players will have a chance to double down on any existing bets made before the game started. They can also hedge any previous bets when the early action is not going their way.

The biggest benefit to betting volume on live in-game wagers is an overall higher hold percentage on this type of action.

Games change courses on a dime. Big leads are blown and backdoor covers are more common than most bettors realize. Live in-game betting has more to do with perception. In turn, live bets tend to be far more reactionary which is another factor impacting the actual hold.

Just like your overall sports betting board, Pay Less provides all the necessary software tools to properly manage your live in-game betting board.

You will always have complete control over live betting options and betting limits. Any betting and/or credit limits you wish to be put in place can be done on an account by account basis.

The software solutions for live in-game betting are actually part of the overall sports betting suite. That is why there is no additional cost to profit from this extra betting market.

Live in-game betting is also a great way to increase your weekly betting volume and hold on that handle without having to necessarily increase your active betting base.

While you always want to promote responsible gambling among your sports betting cliental, adding options such as live in-game betting will help you maximize the profit potential on an individual account basis.

Value-Added PayLess Live Betting Tools

The Pay Less weekly per head fee is set for each active bettor whether they wager $10 a week or $1000. A private bookie’s net profit is heavily tied to the individual betting handle of each player. As long as that player can easily cover their losses, the working relationship will remain intact.

A running bet ticker and online bookie agent dashboard can be used to track all the action coming in through live in-game bets. This gives you the proper real time betting information to manage this aspect of your betting board.

More importantly, Pay Less offers software management tools designed to limit the amount of negative exposure through betting limits and other management techniques. Minimum and maximum betting limits become an important aspect of live in-game betting in general.

As the popularity of live in-game betting continues to grow, there is more of a premium on working with Pay Less Price Per Head as your bookie services provider. The added value in these software solutions convert directly to higher revenue and net profit for your business.