Entrepreneur Bookie Business

Gambling, entrepreneurs, and starting your own business… there is a lot to know and we have a few friendly suggestions to help you see your goals and turn this crazy year around. Although there is a lot to know, the process of starting your business is simple, and it can be easily done with the use of a pay-per-head provider. The PPH has come along over the past few years and what they offer has greatly improved. The service has become affordable and anybody can start a bookmaking business in a short amount of time (a day or two).

  • It matters not what your short-term or long-term goals are, or how much revenue you see your business generating in the first few months; if you want to see a revenue windfall, then you must find an online presence. Do not tackle this bookie business without a website. You must be online if you want to connect with your clients and keep them.
  • If you want to jump into the bookie business but are not sure if this is the right time to do so because of COVID-19, our advice on this would be to think again. Here is why… Gamblers (as insensitive as this may sound) could care less about what is happening in the world. They could care less about politics, current events, or the latest virus. This is the plain truth. This message is not meant to minimize the virus or to lessen the importance of caution that people should need. NO, absolutely not.
  • Gamblers are still gambling, and it matters not if there are sports to gamble on. If you offer gambling on any level, to gamblers, they will gamble. We hate to sound redundant, but we can’t stress this enough. Gamblers want “action” and they will bet on anything that they think will win the money.
  • You can break into the gambling business with help from professionals, (pay per head providers). Here is what they will do for you…

What is a PPH provider?

  • The pay per head (PPH) is an online bookie services provider. They provide the use of exclusive software for bookies that is operational through the use of an app, either on your mobile device, desktop, or laptop. The PPH is the bookie. What do we mean by this? When we say they are the bookie we mean it. They do the job of a bookie, the software is exceptional and it is set up and programmed to do the daily tasks that any local bookie must do.
  • The PPH will build you an exclusive gaming website. This is a free service that comes with signing up. You do not have to pay anything for the use of the website or the .com address that comes with it. The website is for you and your clients and nobody else. This service is exclusive to you.
  • The website is not only a sportsbook, but it also features a world-class racebook, as well as a Las Vegas-style casino. You will have 24-7 access to all of these gaming features, free of charge.
  • The PPH sets up your website to look like any gaming website. The sportsbook is state of the art with a sleek user interface that makes gambling a breeze. The racebook offers more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world, and to boot, the casino offers hundreds of games with live dealers.
  • The PPH sets all of the daily events in the sportsbook as well as all of the lines and odds. The sportsbook features a huge wagering menu with all of the best and most popular ways to bet on any sport that is offered from North America and around the globe.
  • The casino is calibrated, and all of the work is done for you. There is no maintenance and a gaming experience is not necessary.

If you want to earn a great living, then you must start an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. Now you can with the help[ of a PPH all you will pay is a small weekly fee for your active betting clients. Call the PPH and get started today for no upfront cost.