Bookmaker starting

The sports betting industry is one of the biggest, most profitable you will find in the world today. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, sportsbooks and bookie operations of all sizes proved to be somewhat bulletproof and bounced right back up when we all thought things were going to be a bit more difficult.

The pandemic is still around and will probably stay for a while, even though things have certainly evolved, and massive vaccinations seem to show a light at the end of the tunnel, at least in certain countries for now. Many leagues started accepting fans back in their stadiums a few months ago, under strict protocols of course, and up to a certain limit, but this is good news for everyone, teams, fans, and sportsbooks as well.

It’s always a good time to become a bookie, even now. If you have been thinking of starting your very own bookmaker operation, don’t wait any longer, this is the time, don’t waste another second. The Price per Head industry gives you everything you need to be able to achieve success in this new adventure, and all for the lowest risk and investment, something that is quite valuable in this day and age, even more than before.

How does Price per Headwork?

It’s cheap, safe, and easy. Working with a good Price per Head provider like 247pph will open all sorts of possibilities for you as a new bookie.

Years ago, being able to open up your own shop would require many thousands of dollars and long hours of work invested just to even get started. Running your own sportsbook was definitely not a reality for many, and even if things would go well, it would be quite hard and expensive to maintain, with constant salary payments, equipment purchasing, software licenses, servers, and so on.

However, now, with Pay per Head, all you need is a few hundred dollars a week and you’ll have a world-class, fully operating sportsbook at your disposal. What we do is that we have everything you need, from personnel to infrastructure, IT solutions, sports betting platform, lines and odds, chat support, website design, and we’ll provide it to you for just a small weekly fee per active customer.

And by small, we mean small, from as low as $7 per head. This means that if you’re just starting, and you have 15 active players during the week, then all you need to pay us is $105 for your entire operational cost. That’s it! No hidden fees or commissions, we charge you per head and you deal with your players personally, we provide all the services, and you finally get the chance to live the bookie life you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Are you ready to join the Price per Head industry? Join 247pph right now and enjoy our free trial! Make sure to take a good look around, but most importantly, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to help you be the best bookie you can be.