Betting Platforms

PPH bookies are cropping up across the United States and there is a good reason for this. Local bookies are tired of traveling this road alone. The life of a local bookie can be difficult and considering what the country and world have been through since March of 2020, things have fallen on hard times. There are answers, and there are real answers to help you find a path to big profits from gaming revenue. If you want to turn this ship around and start earning what you are worth with half of the work that you have been saddled with, then come along for this ride and be open to a few friendly suggestions.

• The PPH (formally known as a Pay Per Head) is a software solution for local bookmakers. If you are operating as a bookie on any level but going this alone, then a PPH is just what the Dr. ordered for your business.

• The main purpose of a PPH is to get you online within a day or two, with a complete and professional gaming website. The best PPH providers on the internet are now offering a custom-built gaming site for free. All you need to do is have the desire to be online with your business.

• The PPH is a top-notch, state, of-the-art software that is programmed to do your job. The PPH is operated on an app, either on your desktop or mobile device. It’s easy to operate and all the skills you will need to have is the ability to point and click!

• The PPH gives you a free, custom-built website that includes three gaming genera, under one roof. You will have a fantastic sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino.

• Your free gaming website with a working and exclusive .com address will include a fantastic sportsbook that comes loaded with all of the options that can be found on any online sportsbook. Your sportsbook will look just like the “big boys” of the online gaming world. You will have all of the great betting options such as parlays, teasers, super teasers, reverse action, first halves, second halves, quarter bets, game props, player props, futures bets, lottery, contests, deposit bonuses, and much more. The PPH sets your daily betting events on a state-of-the-art user interface that makes gambling easy and quick. The PPH set all of the daily lines and odds for you but they leave you in control to change them at will. You will have the ability to offer or not offer any event that you choose.

• The racebook comes loaded with more than 75-tracks from across North America and around the world. Your players will love the ease of use and they will love being paid in “real-time”, track odds. You will love the fact that you have to do anything. There is no math involved! The PPH accepts all bets over the phone or on the website just as in the sportsbook. You do not have to figure out the odds or hassle with any of the legwork.

• Your virtual casino comes loaded with all of your player’s favorite games. The casino is calibrated daily by the PPH and everything is “no touch”. All you have to do is set back and enjoy the 98% return rate and huge profits. The players will love live dealers and all of their favorite table games.

• Remember, you are getting the gaming website for free, and they do all of the above for you. You will not have to maintain one iota of this operation. All you need to do is bring your clients and sign them up for their accounts on your site. For around $7-$13 per head, per week, per active player, you get all of these benefits. There is no upfront cost, no deposit and you can be operational in a day or two.

A PPH will not only change how you do business forever, but it will bring guaranteed big profits that you have never seen. Call a fantastic PPH today and get started for free.